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From: Marc Kostellic
Subject: Generation Gap: Chapter TwoDisclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is intended for adults
only. If you think you can't handle sexually explicit subject matter
involving a young man with a much older Senior man, the time to stop
reading is now.The following story is copywritten by the author and may not be
reproduced in part or whole in any media format.Note Regarding The Story: This is my first attempt at writing erotic
fiction which is intended to kds porn link be read and commented on by others. I would
gladly except any and all critiques and comments. Please send your
thoughts to bi_guy_4_oldmenyahoo.com .
Generation Gap: Chapter russian kds porn
The white tile kds ru floor beneath my knees was cold and the towel in my hands
was damp. A moment of silence passed between myself and the very large
old man in kds sex japan front of me. I could feel the tension mount within
myself as I anticipated what was to come next.Bob held my eyes with his own as he took the towel from my hands. I lost
my nerve and glanced down again, only to be confronted with the sight of
his thickly veined semi-erect penis. I felt a hand ruffle through my
hair and meekly gazed back up at the face of the man I was about to
submit to.Bob's voice broke through my transfixed state. "Let's get you up on this
bench. I think you are ready for your first taste of a real man."He grabbed me underneath my arms and lifted me from the floor as
effortlessly as if I weighed nothing at all. He dropped my kds rompl ecstazy butt roughly
on the bench and then shoved me backwards so that I was laying face up.
I didn't know what to expect next, but I was very surprised when he then
straddled my chest."Keep your face straight up and your pretty mouth open. Don't try to
avoid this."Without further warning, Bob began to lower his large muscled rear end
onto my face. My mind was reeling with fear and confusion and I
automatically began to turn my free kds galleries
head (and more importantly my mouth) away
from sleeping kds porn
his descending rectum.Bob felt the movement of my head and reacted quickly. His large open
hand swung in a swift arc and connected squarely with my ball underground free kds movies sac. The
majority of the impact manifested in my testicles, but an involuntary
grunt escaped my mouth as I saw stars fly behind my tightly closed
eyelids. The lesson was clear: there would be truly negative
consequences for any attempt to defy this man."I need a kds sex tpg lot of stimulation to get this big old crank of mine past half
mast son. If you have to close your eyes and pretend that you're making
out with your prom date, you the nude kds
go on and do that. free kds gallery 5
Nothing is going to stop
this from happening now."The suggestion didn't help me at all. I couldn't look away from his
large wrinkled anus as it descended towards my now partially open mouth.
It was impossible to pretend that his wide spread hairy crack was
anything other than what it was. I felt the thick fur of his ass brush
my cheek as the smell of him became apparent. The soap smell from his
shower only thinly masked a deep musk that was emanating from
his rectum.Only a moment later, he lowered another inch and my lips were brushing
against the very thing that I wanted desperately to sex kds guide avoid. With my arms
pinned in place by his legs, any attempt to struggle was pointless. I
was at the mercy of a man who could take what he wanted. What he wanted
most from me now was an almost unspeakable oral service that I had never
previously dreamed of.With my face secured deeply within the crack of his ass, Bob reached
behind him and pulled his considerable cheeks apart. My mouth was then
subjected to the very unwanted feeling of his anus opening.Bob addressed me again and sounded almost as if he were in heat. "You
know what French kissing is, right? It's time for your very first French
kiss with my man hole. Get your tongue in me now."The abuse he had imparted on my testicles was still fresh in my mind.
The sharpness of the pain had dulled, but a slow throbbing ache in my
balls wouldn't let me forget. My open mouth slowly widened and I
pushed the tip of my tongue forward. Bob responded by groaning deeply
and dropping some more of his weight onto my upturned face. I tried to
draw breathe kds nudist through my nose and was rewarded with the musky stench I
encountered before. The smell had doubled in potency when my tongue
began to penetrate his anus.Bob prompted me into a rhythm by slowly lifting a little weight off of my
face and then lowering again. His ass would rise a galleries kds bit and then descend
as my tongue began to delve deeper. The vombat top kds heat of his opening was making
my tongue hot. The taste in my mouth became even more intense. There
was no mistaking that this man had recently taken a shit.Time took on an unreal quality, but I was aware that seconds were
becoming minutes. My jaw ached every time he would lower himself. The
sounds of his pleasure became louder as I felt a cold wetness begin to
pool on my chest: his cock was leaking large quantities of precum as a
result of my deep oral effort.Bob lifted himself off my face completely and swung his leg back over the
bench. As I sat upright, he turned toward me and I was then confronted
with his fully erect cock. Before I had even a moment to recover from my
ordeal, I was presented with something that brought my nervous state
to yet another heightened level.End Of Chapter Two. Chapter Three will be written after I've had a
chance to read some of the readers' feedback. Any and all comments are
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